Hampshire County Development Meet 2022 @ Winchester


The 2022 Hampshire County ASA Development Meet will take place at Winchester Leisure Centre on Sunday 26th June and Saturday/Sunday 2nd/3rd July.

The format will be the same as in 2019, when the competition was last held.

Sunday 26th June Saturday 2nd July Sunday 3rd July
Ages 9, 10, 13, 14 Ages 11 ,12 ,13, 14 Ages 9, 10, 11, 12


All ages as at 3rd July 2022. The closing date for entries is Friday 17th June.

Submitting Entries

This year, we will be changing our Meet Management System from mglSoft Meet Manager which has served us well for 2 decades to HyTek Meet Manager, which most clubs are now familiar with.

All entries to this competition must be submitted by clubs in the form of files created by club statistics systems, such as HyTek Team Manager and Team Unify. There will be nio provision for individual entries.

Meet Files to configure club statistics systems will be available shortly.


The competing members of any club allocated to the Association, and any member of an organisation registered directly to the ASA who is normally resident in Hampshire, shall be allowed to compete providing they are eligible as defined in Swim England Law.

Any swimmer who competed in any event in the 2022 Hampshire County Championships may not enter that same event (stroke and distance) in the Development Competition. Swimmers who entered the 200m Individual Medley event in the County Championships may not enter the 100m Individual Medley.

Any swimmer who, at the time of entry for the Development Competition, has achieved a time faster than the published limit time, in any Licensed Meet or any competition open to members of more than one club (even if not Licensed) since 1st September 2021, may not enter that event in the Development Competition.

A swimmer must be a registered member of the club in the name of which he/she is entered no later than 31st May 2022. 

For this competition, a swimmer’s age shall be determined as at midnight on the last day of the competition, 3rd July 2022. [Which allows us to include a 9/10 years age group].


Please direct any questions relating to this competition to devmeet@hampshireswimming.org