SCASA Winter Championships 2004

Skins Events

It is intended to introduce a medley "Skins" event, both male and female as part of the Winter Championships programme in the final session on Sunday, 28th November. The following Conditions will apply to the event.

  1. There will be a medley "Skins" event, male and female, based on times achieved in the 200 metres Individual Medley. The names of the fastest eight swimmers, and a maximum of four reserves, will be announced as soon as possible after the completion of the heats. In the event of a need for a swim off this will take place at the end of the heats. Swimmers, and reserves, not intending to compete in the medley "Skins" event must advise the Announcer within 30 minutes of the announcement if they intend to withdraw from the medley "Skins" event.
  2. The allocation of lanes for the first round of the medley "Skins" event will be based on the spearhead principle according to times achieved in the finals swum. Swimmers will remain in the same lane for all rounds of the final.
  3. The medley "Skins" event will consist of seven rounds of 50m swims.
  4. All starts will be from the same end of the pool
  5. Priorto the start of each medley "Skins" event eight balls, two of each colour, will be placed in a bag; each colour will represent either butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke or freestyle. The stroke to be swum will be determined by drawing a coloured ball from the bag prior to the start of each round. The stroke drawn will be announced as soon as it is drawn and again immediately following the whistle prior to each round. The ball that has been drawn will not go back in to the bag.
  6. The start of round 1 will be as normal. The starter will give the command "take your marks" followed by the starting signal. For subsequent rounds the starter will give the swimmers a 10 second warning of the start signal. There will be no other command. It is the responsibility of the swimmers to be at their start position on time.
  7. The starting signal will be given every three minutes. For this Competition there will be a round for Males which will be followed by a round for Females (i.e. there will be a start every 1.5 minutes).
  8. Disqualified swimmers will automatically be eliminated and will take no further part in the final, except in a round where a swimmer is disqualified for a false start.
  9. The swimmer who finishes last in a round will take no further part in the event.
  10. Should there be an equal last place in a round no swimmer will be eliminated in that round but in the following round the number of swimmers to be eliminated shall be such that the number of swimmers in the next round is equal to the number that should be remaining in the ordinary course of events.
  11. In the last round if there is an equal first place the 2 swimmers shall swim again after an interval of 3 minutes.
  12. The winner of each of the preliminary rounds will receive a cash prize of 5. If there is a tie for first place in a round the prize money will be shared equally amongst the tied swimmers. The winner of the final round will receive a cash prize of 25.

Updated: 1st April 2003