SCASA Open Winter Championships 2004

Competition Information

  • Entries
    Entries must be made on the official entry form (photocopies are acceptable) and disk entries, if used, (disks available from the Event Secretary) must be retruend with the entry forms.
    A stamped addressed envelope (A5 size minimum) must be sent with the entry forms to enable the entry cards to be returned to the Club or competitor. The entry form must be signed by the competitor and should be completed in full. Invalid entries, for whatever reason, will be rejected and entry fees will not be refunded.
  • Age as at 31 December 2004
  • Entry Fees
    Entry fees for all events is £4.50. All entry fees should be paid by cheque made payable to SCASA. Multiple entries by clubs should be accompanied by a single cheque covering all entries.
  • Closing Date
    The closing date for entries is Saturday 30 October 2004, Midnight. It is binding and SCASA does not give any officier authority to accept a late entry.
  • Coaches Passes
    Coaching Passes for this event are £5 and can be obtained from Ms Chris Matthews, 93 Kennedy Road, Hanwell, London W7 1JW. Passes issued for earlier 2004 SCASA events are valid for this event. Coaches passes must be worn and be clealy visible on poolside.
  • Posting Times
    Posting time for entry cards is 45 minutes prior to the start of the session. Finalists cards are colledted from the competitors stewards.
  • Heats and Finals
    Heats and Finals will be swum in all 50m, 100m and 200m events unless there are insufficient competitors for heats. For events of 400m and over, results will be decided on heat time and placing classification.
  • Awards
    Awards will be presented to both Junior and Senior swimmers achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
  • Junior Swimmers
    Junior Swimmers are those who are under 17 years of age on 31 December 2004.

Competitors Conditions & Notes

  • Competitors must post their cards 45 minutes before the start of the relevant session.
  • The one start rule is in force for all events
  • All events finish at the diving end of the pool
  • In events with finals, at least the six fastest competitors in the heats will proceed to the final, which shall be swum on the spearhead principle
  • Names of finalists and reserves will be announced as soon as possible after the heats
  • Anyone wishing to withdraw from a final should complete and return a withdrawal form, available from the announcers table, within 30 minutes of the result being published
  • In all individual events, medals will be presented to swimmers placed first, second and third
  • Awards will be made based on the performance in the final. In events with no final, or where there are not sufficient juniors in the final for placings to be made, then heat times will be used.
  • Swimmers must make themselves available for presentation when required
  • For all individual events, a swimmers age shall be taken at midnight on 31 December 2004
  • In the interest of safety and to ensure the smooth running of the Championships, the Swimming Committee reserves the right to restirct the number of entries in any event. In such cases the swimmer with the fastest submitted times will take preference.

Supplemental Disability Swimming Conditions

These supplementary conditions are to be adhered to in conjunction with the general conditions for the District Championships.

The Events: Men’s and Women’s Open and Junior Age Groups. (16 years or under of age on the first day of competition.

  • 50m 100m Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke S1 – S14
  • 150m Individual Medley SM 1- SM4 200m Individual Medley SM5 - SM14
  • 200m Backstroke - **S6-S14,
  • 200m Breaststroke **SB4 –SB9, SB11-SB14
  • 200m Butterfly **S8 –S14
  • 200m Freestyle S1-S5, **S6-S14
  • 400m IM SM5-S14 only for swimmers who have achieved the qualifying standard for the 200 IM

** only for swimmers who have achieved the qualifying standard for the equivalent t 100m event

  • Eligibility
    All swimmers must have an authorized IPC Swimming classification and a Functional Ability Card (FAC) at the time of entry. Your FAC must be taken with you to the call up area for all events entered. FAC can be obtained via an application to: Jill Stidever on or Tel: 01530 243352.
  • Qualifying standards shall apply and all swimmers may qualify with either a Long Course (50m) or Short Course (25m) entry time. Entry times must have been achieved in the twelve months immediately preceding the championship closing date. In events where no entry standard is set then Swimmers wishing to enter these events must have achieved the qualifying standards in the equivalent 100m or 200m event
  • No entries from overseas swimmers shall be accepted.
  • Accreditation
    ALL coaches and personal care attendants must have an accreditation. Personal care attendants will only be permitted for swimmers in the following classes S1, S2, S3 and S11. Such attendants will be excluded from any restrictions and will be given the same accreditation as the SWIMMER for whom they have personal care responsibilities.
    A swimmer in these classifications may have both a coach and a personal care attendant in attendance.
    All coaches will be required to purchase a coaches pass. NO PASS NO ACCESS TO THE POOL DECK.
  • The organizers may combine the male and female SM1-SM4 150m Individual Medley event dependant upon the number of entries
  • Mixed Finals
    Finals are for 50m and 100m events only.
    All finals shall be mixed (4 male 4 females). A maximum of two swimmers per classification per sex shall progress to the final.
    Finalists shall be determined by the four swimmers who either break the British Record by the greater amount or are nearest to the *British Record (as of 1st June 2004*) within their own classification.
    150m IM, 200m and 400m events will be heat declared winner.
  • Competition to be run to FINA rules with exceptions as per the IPC Swimming Swim Rules.
  • Medals
    Medals shall be awarded to both the Open and junior age groups on a multi disability basis to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place per sex per each event. If less than four swimmers participate in any one event then a minus one ruling shall apply. If only one swimmer participates in any event, then the swimmer shall be awarded a medal providing he/she improves upon their entry time. Placing shall be determined by the three swimmers in each sex who either break the British Record by the greater amount or are nearest to the British Record (as at 1st June 2004) within their own classification. Medals shall be presented as soon as possible when the results are available.

Example of Medal Placing Calculation for Disability Swimming Events

Name Swimmer A Swimmer B Swimmer C Swimmer D Swimmer E Swimmer F Swimmer G Swimmer H
CLASS S9 S9 S8 S9 S10 S10 S8 S8
RECORD AS AT 1st June 2004 1:08.72 1:08.72 1:16.41 1:08.72 58.04 58.04 1:16.41 1:16.41
RACE TIME 1:22.68 (5th) 1:20.40 (4th) 1:26.72 (6th) 1.14.90 (3rd) 58.00 (1st) 1:05.56 (2nd) 1:28.43 (7th) 1:30.78 (8th)
CALC 68.72-82.68 68.72-80.40 76.41-86.72 68.72-74.90 58.04-58.00 58.04-65.56 76.41-88.43 76.41-90.78
RESULT -13.96 -11.68 -10.31 -6.18 +0.04 -7.52 -12.02 -14.37

Safety at Crystal Palce

  • Starting
    1. The height of the starting blocks is 750mm from the surface of the water
    2. At the diving end the water depth is 2m
    3. At the teaching end of the pool the water depth is 1.8m
    It is the responsibility of competitors, coaches and clubs to ensure that all swimmers are competent to the standard of the ASA competitive start award, to dive start under the above conditions. Alternatively, swimmers are reminded that in the event of a false start, swimmers should perform a safe entry and not fall into the water.
  • Warm-Up
    Swimmers and coaches must ensure that they (and swimmers in their charge) take no action which would endanger themselves or others. The instructions of the training marshals or others in authority must be obeyed immediately.
  • General Safety
    1. Swimmers must not leave the pool side unless wearing shoes and having dried themselves
    2. Everyone attending SCASA events must familiarise themselves with the location of the emergency exits
    3. Anyone observing anything they consider to be a safety hazard must report it to the gala MC
    4. Everyone attending SCASA events must take all steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of others
    5. Swimming galas may be noisy events with cheering, whistling and other forms of support by clubs for their swimmers. If you feel that the noise level is likely to cause you distress please bring with you some form of ear protection such as ear plugs, muffs or defenders.

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