Swim England South East Open/Junior Championships 2021 (SC)

Swim England South East Open/Junior Championships 2021 (SC) @ Winchester

Video Coverage

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Top Club

Based on the club accumulating the highest aggregate total number of points in the Open Category, with the first placed swimmers having 8 points, 2nd polaced having 7 points and so on.

The points table rewards clubs with strength in depth.

Position Club Points
1 Wycombe District 244
2 Winchester City Penguins 166
3 University of Surrey 146
4 City of Milton Keynes 116
5 Guildford City 78
6 Woking 56
7 Mid Sussex Marlins 54
8 Tonbridge 44
9 Thanet 40
10 Abingdon Vale 30


The medal table rewards clubs with the most elite swimmers.

Position Club Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Einchester City Penguins 12   5 17
2 Wycombe District 11 5 4 20
3 City of Milton Keynes 4 4 4 16
4 University of Surrey 2 8 5 15
5 Woking 1 4   5
6 Guildford City 1 2 4 7
7 Tonbridge 1 1 2 4
8 Abingdon Vale 1     1
9 Brighton 1     1


What is an Open/Junior Competition

An Open competition is open to all swimmers irrespective of age. There are no separate age groups.

A Junior competition is open to all swimmers aged 16 years and under on 31st December.

In a combined Open/Junior competition each swimmer swims each event they enter once. The Junior Results are extracted from theOpen Results.

There is no specific "quota" of Junior swimmers in an event. We do not anticipate a situation where no juniors qualify for an events (See the results from 2019)


The Programme of Events

Swim England and a lot of coaches wanted a “normal” programme with heats and finals. We worked out that this was only possible if we had a session on Friday evening. Because of the size of our Region, that would have meant swimmers taking time out of school/college. Because education has been so badly disrupted, taking students out of school is an absolute no-no.

That left us with time from Saturday at 1:30 and all-day Sunday. We considered a full day of swimming on Saturday, but that would have meant swimming until 11pm. Asking swimmers to compete at 11pm on Saturday and then start at 8am on Sunday is not reasonable and we would have had difficulties recruiting officals.

Our trade-off is to swim until 7:30pm on Saturday and 5:30pm on Sunday.

There is no way that we could fit a full programme of events and finals with these restrictions, which is why all events will be Heat Declared Winner.

Why No Spectators?

This trade-off is very simple. Each spectator in the pool hall reduces the number of swimmers we can accept!

Our Region is the largest in England and we have more swimmers achieving an appropriate standard to compete at Regional Level than any other Region. BUT there is no competition pool in the region that can accommodate the number of swimmers who deserve to be able to swim, officials, coaches, team managers, other volunteers and the number of spectators who would like the opportunity to watch.

For the 2019 Region Short Course Championships, we had

  • 500 swimmers (most of whom competed on both days)
  • Approx 450 spectators each day
  • 70 coaches and team managers
  • 26 officials
  • 20 organising staff (marshalls, meet management etc.)

We only managed this number by turning a blind eye to health and safety capacity limits. The pool deck and spectator gallery were overcrowded.

Now when we run any competition, we must agree in advance on the capacity limit and strictly enforce it throughout the competition.

By excluding spectators, we are able to accommodate all of the swimmers who deserve the opportunity to compete.