Swim England South East - Festival of Swimming @ Wycombe Leisure Centre
Swim England South East - Festival of Swimming @ K2, Crawley

Summer Festival of Swimming

British Swimming, while confirming that there will be no British Championships or Swim England Summer Meet in 2021, have invited all English Regions and equivalents in Scotland and Wales to organise regional competitions, which will be aggregated to create a National Leader Board.

Swim England South East, after consideration, has decided to participate, even if there are still Social Distancing rules in place. Two weekends of swimming will be run, in collaboration with the host clubs at Wycombe and Crawley. 

Saturday/Sunday 24th/25th July Saturday 31st July/Sunday 1st August
Wycombe Leisure Centre K2, Crawley
16/Over Ages 13,14,15



Currently, the meet files do not includes events for 13 and 16 year olds. That will be sorted out later today and corrected files will be available by 15th June.

Provisional Timetable

May 28th Publication of Programme of Events and Draft Conditions COMPLETE
June 7th Publication of Full Conditions COMPLETE
June 9th Publication of Base Qualifying Times  COMPLETE
June 16th Publication of Meet Entry Files COMPLETE
June 19th Online entry system available  
July 14th Closing date for entries (8 pm)  
July 19th Pulication of list of accepted entries for 24th/25th July  
July 26th Publication of list of accepted entries for 31st July/1st August  


Base Qualifying Times

Clubs should not use the Base Qualifying Times as targets for swimmers to achieve to gain entry into this competition.

They are "long stop" times to ensure that very slow swimmers are not accepted in events with few entries. For example, it is possible that there will be few entries for the 400m Individual Medley in some age groups. Accepting a swimmer in a time of 12 minutes is theoretically possible without a base qualifying time, and the time available for the competition would not allow that.

In reality, the slowest swimmer accepted for virtually all events is likely to be many seconds faster than the base time. 

If you notice anay anomalies in the published times, please e-mail serentries@swimmeets.org . 

COVID-19 and Social Distancing

This competition is being planned on the assumption that some Social Distancing rules will remain in place for "high risk" indoor activities, such as swimming competitions.

There will be a published COVID-19 risk assessment and operating plan for each pool, agreed with the Pool Operators.

If there are no restrictions in place, the number of swimmers that can be accepted, and the operating plan, will be adjusted accordingly.

Because of the uncertainty about the level of restrictions that will be in place at the end of July, there is a possibility that this event may not proceed as planned, and the event may be cancelled at short notice. Therefore we recommend that nobody commits to non-refundable travel or accomodation arrangements.

Clubs will not be invoiced for entry fees until the event has taken place.

Summary of Conditions

Detailed conditions have now been developed and published.

The following summarises conditions which are specific to this event:

  • Age Groups: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18/Over.
  • All events Heat Declared Winner (No finals).
  • The event will be organised with different sets of swimmers each day (each swimmer will compete on 1 day only).
  • We will accept the fastest "n" entries per event (where "n" depend on the maximum number of swimmers allowed and the pattern of entries). There will be no automatic Qualifying Times, There will be base times to manage the timing of the meet. For the majority of events, achieving the lower limit times will NOT guarantee acceptance.
  • Eligible times:
    • Level X times (from October 2020);
    • LC time trials swum under Level X conditions (from April 21st), subject to referees confirmation;
    • Times from licensed meets at any level from 1st April 2021;
    • For clubs that do not have access to a 25m or 50m, pool, times from 20m, 33m, 36yd competitions set under level X conditions (subject to declaration from the referee that the appropriate conditions were met, and by prior arrangement only);
    • SC and/or LC times will be acceptable. 
  • Probable closing date for entries: Wednesday 14th July 2021
  • No presentations/medals. Certificates will be available for download for all entrants.
  • There will be no spectators allowed; we are working to be able to live stream the competition. Possible adjustments to restrictions and numbers of swimmers, will not necessarily open the spectator gallery to anyone to view the competition


Number of Swimmers to be Accepted per Event

The capacity of the competition is governed by the maximum number of people that are allowed in the centre (not just in the pool hall) and the maximum number of swimmers that can be accommodated between races with required social distancing. 

That number has to be agreed with the pool operator and depends on

  • Prevailing restrictions imposed by the UK Government.
  • Prevailing guidance from Swim England
  • Any restrictions imposed by the pool operator

This number is an ABSOLUTE limit which cannot be exceeded.

The number of swimmers that can be accepted per event will depend on the pattern of entries. The maximum number of swimmers will be set with the objectives of

  • Accepting the same number of swimmers for each event in a session
  • Accepting as close to the maximum number of swimmers as possible

This may mean that the number of swimmers accepted per event may be different from session to session. (See example below).

Acceptance will be based on the fastest submitted times up to the limit of entries for the event. If two or more swimmers are tied for the final place in an event, neither/none of the swims will be accepted if to do so would exceed the maximum number of swimmers in that session.

Only entries with times that are equal to or faster than the published base times will be accepted. This does not mean that all entries with times that are equal to or faster than the base time will be accepted.


In session 3, there are 18 events (6 stroke/distance combinations and 3 age groups).

If the maximum number of swimmers allowed is 150:

If every swimmer enters 1 event, we will be able to accept 8 swimmers per event.
If every swimmer enters 2 events, we will be able to accept 16 swimmers per event.
If every swimmer enters an average of 2.5 events, we will be able to accept 20 swimmers per event

Access to the Centre and the Pool Hall

Access to the centre is restricted to swimmers competing in the session, coaches and team managers in possession of poolside passes, accredited officials and assigned volunteers.

Swimmers are only permitted to enter poolside when invited to do so by designated marshals for the purpose of warm-up or competing in their event.

For warm-up, each swimmer will be directed to a specific lane. Swimmers must warm-up in their designated lane. There will be no sprint lanes during warm-up.

Each swimmer will be issued with 1 large see through plastic bag. This is the only bag that swimmer may carry onto poolside. This rule will be strictly enforced