Swim England South East - Festival of Swimming

Swim England South East - Festival of Swimming @ Wycombe Leisure Centre
Swim England South East - Festival of Swimming @ K2, Crawley

National Results

The full natiuonal results from the Festival of Swimming are now available.


Summary of Conditions

Detailed conditions have now been developed and published.

The following summarises conditions which are specific to this event:

  • Age Groups: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18/Over.
  • All events Heat Declared Winner (No finals).
  • The event will be organised with different sets of swimmers each day (each swimmer will compete on 1 day only).
  • We will accept the fastest "n" entries per event (where "n" depend on the maximum number of swimmers allowed and the pattern of entries). There will be no automatic Qualifying Times, There will be base times to manage the timing of the meet. For the majority of events, achieving the lower limit times will NOT guarantee acceptance.
  • Eligible times:
    • Level X times (from October 2020);
    • LC time trials swum under Level X conditions (from April 21st), subject to referees confirmation;
    • Times from licensed meets at any level from 1st April 2021;
    • For clubs that do not have access to a 25m or 50m, pool, times from 20m, 33m, 36yd competitions set under level X conditions (subject to declaration from the referee that the appropriate conditions were met, and by prior arrangement only);
    • SC and/or LC times will be acceptable. 
  • Probable closing date for entries: Wednesday 14th July 2021
  • No presentations/medals. Certificates will be available for download for all entrants.
  • There will be no spectators allowed; we are working to be able to live stream the competition. Possible adjustments to restrictions and numbers of swimmers, will not necessarily open the spectator gallery to anyone to view the competition


Disability Events

This competition will include provisions for eligible disabled swimmers in the follong evenmts:

  • 100m Freestyle S1-S14
  • 200m Freestyle S1-S5, S14
  • 400m Freestyle S6-S16
  • 100m Backstroke S1, S2 (males only), S6-S14
  • 100m Butterfly S8-S14
  • 100m Breaststroke SB4-SB9, SB11-SB14
  • 200m Individual Medley SM5-SM14

Please refer to the conditions for full details