Hampshire County Championships 2019

Hampshire County Championships 2019 @ Portsmouth
Hampshire County Championships 2019 @ Waterlooville
Hampshire County Championships 2019 @ Portsmouth

Due to a fault with the moving floor in the Mountbatten Centre Pool, the competition on 9th/10th February was run as a short couse competition.

Short course times are given equal status to long course times for regional championships qualifying.



Confirmed arrangements for the County Championships 2019.

18th-20th January
2nd/3rd February
9th/10th February
Mountbatten Centre
Portsmouth (50m)

Leisure Centre (25m)

Mountbatten Centre
Portsmouth (25m)

800m/1500m male and female
14/Under teams
14/Under 400m events
Open/Junior 800m Teams

All other 14/Under events

All other 15/Over events
Open/Junior Teams
Multi-Classification events

Closing date for entries: 20:00 on 27th December 2018 
Qualifying window: From 1st March 2018 (1st January 2018 for MC events)
Entry Fees: Individual events £6; Team events £10


There will not be printed programmes for sale at the event. PDF Versions of the programme can be downloaded from:

At the competition, our intention is to publish heat start sheets and live results on this web site (subject to an acceptable internet connection from the pool).


Session Times

Provisional session timings for the 2019 Championships are as follows:

Date Location Session   Warm-Up First Event Est Finish Notes
18th January Portsmouth 1 C 18:30 19:00 21:45 Refreshments provided for officials before the start of the session
19th January Porstmouth 2 C 13:00 13:45 15:45 15 minutes warm-up for relay swimmers no earlier than 14:30
    3 C 16:00 16:45 19:00 15 minutes warm-up for relay no earlier than 17:30
20th January Portsmouth 4 C 09:00 09:45 12:00  
    5 C 12:45 13:30 16:00  
2nd February Waterlooville 6 C 10:30 11:30 13:50 No finals
    7 C 14:30 15:30 17:45 No finals
3rd February Waterlooville 8 C 09:00 10:00 12:20 No finals
    9 C 13:15 14:15 16:45 No finals
9th February Portsmouth 10 C 08:30 09:30 13:30 20 minutes break before finals
    11 C 14:00 15:00 18:15 20 minutes break before finals
No earlier than 16:15*
10th February Portsmouth 12 C 08:30 09:30 13:20 20 minutes break before finals
    13 C 13:45 14:45 17:50 20 minutes break before finals
No earlier than 15:45*

C = Confirmed. 

* Because the pool will be configured for 25m swims, there is not enough space available to permit team swimmers to warm-up in the competition pool. We hope to be able to make the shallow end available for warm-up and swim down throughout the competition.

Changes to team declarations are permitted up to the start of session. Failure of a swimmer to arrive after that times does not normally constitute an acceptable reason to change the team declaration.

Number of Swimmers Per Event

All swimmers who have achieved the automatic qualifying time shall be accepted for that event. If there is space available, swimmers who have not achieved the automatic qualifying time but have achieved the base time may be accepted. Those swimmers who are closest to the automatic time shall be accepted first. The number of additional swimmers that can be accepted will be determined on an event by event basis. The target number of swimmers for each event is as follows.

Event Age 10/11 Ages 12, 13, 14 Ages 15, 16 17 & Over
All 50m 14 20 15 20
All 100m (except fly) 14 20 15 20
100m fly 10 15 15 20
All 200m (except fly) 12 18 14 18
200m fly 10 14 8 12
All 400m 10 15 10 12
800m/1500m No event 8 8 8

The number of swimmers accepted mhas had to be adjusted to ensure that times are "progessive". No swimmer has been accepted with a slower entry time than a swimmer in a younger age group who has been rejected. 

There are no 800m/1500m events for age 10/11.