Swim England South East 15/Over Swimming Championships 2018 @ Wycombe Leisure Centre

Latest News

15/04/2018: I am currently working through queries about missing entries and rejections. You will get a response, please be a little patient.

16/04/2018: Entries for the boys/men 800m and the girls/ladies 1500m have been reworked because of previous errors in conversion of SC times. I have accepted 2 additional entries for the 1500m and 7 more for the 800m. No entries that were previously accepted have been rejected.

17/04/2018: Up to 5 more entries have now been accepted for 17/over events. See below for details. This is reflected in the list of accepted/entries below.


The 2018 Swim England South East Swimming Championships will be held as follows:

4th-7th May
12th/13th May
26th/27th May
Wycombe Leisure Centre K2, Crawley K2, Crawley
15/Over Competition
All Team Events
Multi-Classification Events
14/Under Competition 14/Under Competition

Full details of the 14/under championships can be found here.

All times must be set on or after 1st June 2017.
Closing date for entries: Friday 13th April 2018 at 20:00.

In order to comply with Meet Licensing Requirements only ranked times can be used for entry into region championships. Ranked 400m Freestyle times will be used to enter the Men’s 800m Freestyle and Ranked 800m times will be used to enter the Women’s 1500m Freestyle

Entry fees: The costs associated wih this competition have inceased significanly year-on-year. The Region has decided to absorb the increases without increasing entry fees.

Individual events: £6
Team events: £12

17/Over Swimmers - IMPORTANT

In processing entries, we have realised that the policy of accepting an equal number of entries for each age group has an unfortunate implication. We have rejected swimmers who have a realistic probability of making the GB Nationals or Swim England Summer Meet.

Because the 17/over age group splits into 2 age groups at Nationals, the average number of swimmers per region who will be invited to compete will be 20. For the majority of events, we have accepted 17 swimmers.

To address this, after consultation with coaches, we have decided to increase the number of 17/over swimmers accepted for the majority of events to 22. Our conditions establish 17 as a target, rather than an absolute number, which means that this does not contravene the competition conditions.

An implication of this is that the sessions will now be longer that we originally planned. As long as there are no problems, we will operate with the licensed meet criteria, but we will have much less contingency for problems. The swimming group and coaches have agreed to accept this risk.

Accepted Entries

The list below shows a provisional list of entries accepted and rejected. Because this event is obersubscribed, we have had to reject about 25% of all entries received.

Please refer to the explanation oh QTs have been set and applied.

If we have made an error, we will correct it. However there is no provision for correction of your error in entries or submission of amended times once entries have closed.The process of adding and checking team entries is not complete.

Team entries have now been added.

Entries Received

Entries recevied up to 18 Apr 2018 09:24.

Rankings and Closing Date

On closure of entries, all times were checked againt rankings. The list below whow entries that have been REJECTED because they could not be validated.

This list has NOT been updated to reflect entries and changes submitted after 8om on Wednesday.