Basingstoke Bluefins Mini Gala @ The Aquadrome

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This event is intended for swimmers with little or no experience of swimming competition. And it should be fun! But there are procedures that need to be followed so that the event can run smoothly and safely. 

  • Please do not arrive before 12.45, you will not be able to access poolside.
  • Bring swim kit, including goggles if needed and a drink in a plastic container – no fizzy drinks please. Also a top to wear between swims.
  • Warm Up 1pm. This will be short and aimed at giving everyone a feel for the length of the pool.
  • Register at entrance to Competition Pool
  • Pay entry fee if not already paid (NB £3 per race) Please bring correct fee, we may not have change.
  • Spectators are welcome free of charge – NO MORE than 2 per swimmer, please. Swimming events are not suitable for very small children, if you have no choice but to bring them, please take them off poolside when your swimmer is not swimming.
  • Spectators must remain in the spectator area.
  • We will run a demonstration start for the benefit of those new to competition.
  • Lessons children in Yellow and Green groups will each have a helper in the water to encourage them and for safety – the pool is 1.8m deep throughout.
  • Swimmers must sit at the far end of the pool so that Team Managers can find them when they are needed for their race. If they can’t be found, they may miss their race. There will be plenty of coaches/ teachers/helpers to look after the swimmers.
  • This is NOT a licensed meet so times will be recorded but will not be available for entry to higher level meets. Judges will record any infringements of ASA Law for the benefit of swimmers/coaches/ teachers but swimmers will not formally be disqualified.
  • Providing everything runs smoothly we expect to finish soon after 4pm. When a swimmer has finished all his/her races, he/she can stay to watch or can leave. All swimmers will receive a medal for taking part – one per swimmer – don’t leave without it!