Swim England South East 15/Over Swimming Championships 2017

Swim England South East 15/Over Swimming Championships 2017 @ Wycombe Leisure Centre


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Results are also available in other formats for download (Files updated on 11th May 2017)

SD3 format for input into some club statistics systems

LENEX format for ASA rankings and some club statistics systems

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Medal Table

Club Gold Silver Bronze Total
Wycombe District 25 19 13 57
Thanet 16 13 9 38
Guildford City 14 18 10 42
City of Milton Keynes 10 5 3 18
Shiverers 6 3 2 11
City of Oxford 5 9 11 25
RTW Monson 4 3 8 15
Bracknell and Wokingham 4 3 2 9
Dorking 4 2 1 7
Sevenoaks 3 2 3 8
Maidenhead 3 2 1 6
Mid Sussex Markins 3 1 4 8
Woking 2 3 4 9
Crawley 2 3 1 6
Atlantis 2 2 2 6
Letherhead 1 6 1 8
Tigers 1 3 2 6
Winchester City Penguins 1 1 3 5
Chalfont Otters 1     1
Elmbridge Phoenix 1     1
Wantage White Horses 1     1


Includes all clubs with at least 1 gold medal

Accepted Entries

The list below shows a list of accepted entries.

An earlier list showing rejections is also avaiable.

Entries have been rejected if

  1. They cannot be validated on rankings
  2. The swimmer is too young for the competition
  3. Because the competition is over subscribed

The limit on number of entries per event defined below has been applied. There are some anomalies:

  1. All swimmers achieving the automatic qualifying times are accepted.
  2. No swimmer has been accepted on a slower time than a rejected swimmer in a younger age group.



The 15 and over events in the 2017 South East Region Championships took place at Wycombe Leisure Centre on 29th/30th April and 1st May.

Closing date for entries: Monday 10th April 2017  20:00. Entries are now closed.

Details of the 14 and under competition may be found here.

All times must appear on ASA Rankings and be set at meets licensed at level 1, 2 or 3 since 1st June 2016.

  • First leg relay splits are NOT eligible
  • Times from Masters rankings are NOT eligible

Entry fees are unchanged from 2015:

  • Individual event: £6
  • Team event: £12

Base and Automatic Qualifying Times

Qualifying times are based on an analysis of last years entries (not swims at the competition).

The auto time is set at the 70% mark, and the base time at 110%. (Example: If the target is 36 swimmers, the auto time is set at the time of the 25th fastest entry last year and the base time at the time of the 40th fastest entry last year).

The target number of swimmers is the same as last year. This resulted in full sessions.

Some adjustments have been made to the auto times to ensure that times are progressive. As in previous years, there will be a condition that states that no swimmer will be accepted on a time slower than that of a younger swimmer who was rejected.

There are a some significant differences to last years times. For example, there were 84 entries for the age 14 100m backstroke last year .. the QTs were obviously not right.

Please notify Mike Lambert if you believe that any of these times are incorrect. 

Dec 8th 2016: Two minor corrections (highlighted in red); Short course times added.


Target Number of Swims per Event

Event Target number of swims
50m events 22
100m events 19
200m events 19
400m events 14
800m/1500m events 12