Hampshire Schools Championships - License 2SE160973

Hampshire Schools Championships - License 2SE160973 @ Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth

The 2015/2016 Hampshire Schools Swimming Association Championships took place on Sunday 26th June 2016 at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth.


For full results and results by school, see the tabe above.

Additional versions of results are available:


Information for Swimmers and Spectators

Coaches/Team Managers

This is not a Club event. While coaches are welcome to be on poolside with swimmers from their clubs, not all clubs will be able to provide this service for swimmers. Likewise, all schools are welcome to send along a team manager, but swimmers should not expect their school to be able to do this. Where no coach/team manager is available, a parent may take on the role, subject to permission from the school – one adult per school up to a max of 10 swimmers. Should any swimmer be unsure of the procedure, they should find the Meet Manager, via the announcer’s table, who will explain what to do and/or find a suitable team manager/coach to help out.


To facilitate the smooth running of the competition, we ask that any swimmer who is not going to compete from any or all of their events is withdrawn before the start of warm-up for the session(s) in which they are swimming.

Withdrawal forms will be available on poolside on the day of competition, and should be posted in the box on the table outside the control room at the scoreboard end of the pool.

Swimmers may be withdrawn in advance using the online withdrawal form at

Do not send notice of withdrawals by e-mail.


Thanks to those who have already volunteered to help. I am still in need of some people to man the door and the medal table. If you are able to help at either or both sessions, please respond to this email. In either case you would still be able to watch your swimmer but would not have to pay the spectator entry fee!!!


Space is limited. Swimmers may have SMALL BAGS only on poolside. Please use lockers for larger items. The event is Short Course, using the scoreboard end of the pool. The other end will be available for warm up/warm down throughout the day.

Car Parking

The car park at Mountbatten Centre does tend to get full. There is overflow parking at the gymnastics centre but that is around 10 minutes walk. Particularly if you are arriving for the afternoon session, please allow time for parking.


We know that more people may want to see the swimming than can be accommodated in the spectator gallery. It is simply not economic for pools to be built with five or six hundred seats which will only be occupied on a handful of occasions during the year. You can help us by NOT saving seats for other people and NOT using seats for your bags.

Problems Registering and Resetting Passwords

The problem with outgoing e-mail has now been resolved.

If you have tried to register or reset your password, and have not received the e-mail confirmation, please try again. If you still fon't get a confirmation. then e-mail Mike Lambert with the following information and I will sort the problem out manually and e-mail you the necessary details.

Your name
Your e-mail address
The user name you think you tried to register with

The address to use is mike@swimbluefins.org

Entry Times

To comply with the criteria for a level 2 meet see below, we are required to publish a minimum qualifying time. Our intent is to accept the fastest swimmers attending schools in Hampshire. To comply with the rules, the minimum qualifying time for all events is 10:00.00 (10 minutes exactly).

Please note also the requirement for all time be on ASA rankings at level 1, 2, 3 or 4

Entry Criteria: A minimum qualifying time is required. Swimmers submitted entry time can be verified in Rankings and must be from level 1or 2 for National events and 1, 2 or 3 for Regional and County Championships. County Championships and Open Meets may choose also to accept entry times from level 4 meets.

ASA Registration

All swimmers who enter this competition must be registered with the ASA and to submit an entry you will need their ASA registration number.

If the swimmer does not know their ASA registration number you can look it up on the ASA web site. Type in their surname and you will see a list of registered swimmers with that surname.

Why do Swimmers Need to be Registered with the ASA?

In order to allow swimmers to use times recorded in this competition for other competitions, this meet must be licensed by the ASA. (If we don't do this, many club coaches will not allow their swimmers to compete in this competition and we will not get the true Hampshire Schools Champions).

There are very strict criteria applied to licensed competitions, one of which is that all swimmers must be registered with the ASA as competitive swimmers (category 2).