ASA South East Region 14 and Under Swimming Championships 2016

ASA South East Region 14 and Under Swimming Championships 2016 @ K2, Crawley

Arrangements for the 2016 Swimming Championships


Saturday 30th April - Monday 2nd May

Mountbatten Center, Portsmouth

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th May

K2, Crawley

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th May

K2 Crawley

All 15 years and older events, including team events 14/Under competition 14/under competition


Full details and results of the 15/over and para-swimming events can be found here.

All ages are as at 31st December 2016.  Individual event: £6; Team event: £12

The list below shows the accepted entries at the time of printing the programme.
The full list of accepted and rejected entries is still available.



Online results by event and by club are available via the links at the top of the screen.

Results may also be downloaded in a variety of formats.

PDF for Printing

SD3 for input into some Membership Management systems

LENEX for input to some Membership Management systems (and rankings):


Entry Times

All entry times MUST appear on rankings and may be short course or long course. Do not submit converted times.

We will convert short course times using the ASA equivalent performance tables.

If you are not sure which of your times short or long course is better, please submit both. We will work out which one is the better time and accept that. If you do this, the total entry fee shown on your entry confirmation will be incorrect. Don't worry, you will only have to pay for accepted swims. 

Relay Splits

After careful consideration of the rules for Region Championships in the ASA Competition Pathway and the criteria for level 1 open meets, we have decided that we cannot accept first leg relay splits for entry to this competition.

The Structure for 2016

We have returned to a "traditional" pattern of a 3 day youth (15/over) competition over the first bank holiday weekend in May and 4 days for age groups (14/under).

This is following a strong directive from the ASA, which resulted from a number of parents expressing concerns about having the Region Youth Championships in the middle of the exam period. Their concern is that this places unnecessary pressure on swimmers to prioritise swimming over examination preparation.

The Region Coaches Panel believe that this decision is not the right one from a purely swimming perspective, taking into account the timing of the British Championships (Olympic Trials) and the qualifying window for British and Home County National Championships. Nevertheless, the Region Swimming Group has to balance the swimming and educational needs of swimmers.

We have organised the 15/Over events over 3 days, which includes distance events and teams. 

We have organised the 14/Under over 4 days, which has reduced the number of finals per day and will allow a higher number of swimmers to be accepted into heats.

Status Update

The ASA has decided that it is not possible to set a single set of QTs applicable to all regions.

After consultation with coaches, the Swimming Group decided on the following approach to planning the 2016 championships:

  • There will be separate sessions for finals 
  • Because we only have experience of 1 year operating the current programme of events and age groups, we need to have flexibility to manage the number of entries. We will set automatic qualifying times and base (consideration) times. Swimmers who achieve the automatic times will be accepted. Swimmers who achieve the consideration time, but not the automatic time, will be considered if there is time available.
  • Last year only about 30% of swimmers qualified by achieving the automatic times. This year our target is that at least 60% of swimmers will achieve the automatic times. 
  • Our target this year is to be able to accept ALL swimmers who achieve the consideration time, but that cannot be guaranteed.

Qualifying times are based on last year's results. We have a target number of entries per age group per event. We have had to address some anomalies and to make allowance for swimmers choosing to enter more events because the competition is spread over more sessions.

The target number of entries (per age band) is as follows:

Distance 11/12, 13, 14 Years
50m 36
100m 36
200m 32
400m 18
800m/1500m 14