Basingstoke Bluefins Level 3 #3SE160760

Basingstoke Bluefins Level 3 #3SE160760 @ The Aquadrome, Basingstoke


This 2 day level 3 short COURSE meet replaces the popular Bluefins Easter Meet and is targetted at those swimmers who are NOT chasing long course National times.


Results by event and results by club are available via the Results tab above.

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Current Status


Please note that only club entries will be accepted. All entries must be confirmed by an entry declation form  [MS Word Version], authorised by a club officer. Only 1 declaration form per club shoulde be submitted. 

Entries are now closed.



Confirmed Session Times

Session times for the meet are now confirmed as follows:

Date Session Pool Access Warm-Up First Event Est Finish
Saturday 9th April 1 12:30 12:45 13:45 16:45
  2   16:45 17:45 20:30
Sunday 10th April 3 09:00 09:15 10:00 12:45
  4   12:45 13:30 15:45



Following consultation with clubs who have entered this meet, we have decided to run this meet WITHOUT SPECTATORS.

We will use all available space around the pool to accomodate swimmers. This means that we can increase the number of individual swimmers accepted for each session from 150 to around 225.

We will provide live results and, if we can get a suffiently good internet connection, a live streaming video feed.

Clubs will be permitted a maximum of 2 coaches/team managers (3 for clubs with more than 25 swimmers accepted) who must be in possession of a poolside pass (see below).


Accepted and Rejected Entries

The list above shows a revised list of accepted entries and shows any withdrawals submitted since 23:00 on 29th March. We have now been able to accept an additional 164 swims. 

A full list of original entries and rejections as of 23:00 on 29th March is still available.

Poolside Passes

Send forms either by e-mail to or by post to

Mike Lambert
79 Camrose Way
Basingstoke  RG21 3AW