Basingstoke Bluefins Easter Meet 2015

Basingstoke Bluefins Easter Meet 2015 @ Aquadrome, Basingstoke


Basingstoke Bluefins SC is pleased to present its 13th Annual Graded Open Meet, to be held on Saturday 4th April 2015 at the Aquadrome Pool in Basingstoke. 

This is Easter Saturday, so this is an Easter Egg meet. All winners will receive an Easter Egg in addition to their medal.

At Easter time there are lots of high level Licensed Open Meets aimed at swimmers trying to get qualifying times for the National Championships. Our meet is different. We are providing a friendly event for everyone else. 

The competition is licensed by the ASA at Level 3.

In fact, if anyone beats the grade time (based on the Hampshire County Qualifying time), we will award them a speeding ticket and a Cadbury's Cream Egg but not a medal.