SCASA Open Water Championships 2005 @ Albert Dock, London


Albert Dock, London
Saturday 11th June 2005

The 2005 Open Water Championships will be held at Albert Dock, London on Saturday 11th June at 3.30pm.

One event will be staged.

Event 1. Open 3K Open to all. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female. Competitors wishing to enter this event should use the SCASA entry form.

Results - Men

1. James Leitch City of Glasgow 38:20.5
2. Omar Hussain City of Bradford 38:23.2
3. Jamie Mackay City of Coventry 38:26.6
4. Martin Doherty City of Glasgow 39:52.4
5. Martin Kerr City of Glasgow 40:06.5
6. Nick Shields City of Glasgow 40:40.8
7. Stuart Thorn City of Glasgow 41:59.6
8. Stuart Mackay Redditch 44:47.2
9. Brian Bain Silver City Blues 48:25.0
10. Richard Gilman Redbridge 51:01.0

Results - Men

1. Charlotte Creager Barnet Copthall 38:55.2
2. Sinaed Doherty City of Glasgow 40:14.4
3. Carol Thain Heart of Midlothian 40:45.3
4. Sian Sloan-Dennison City of Glasgow 41:44.2
5. Alexis Smith City of Glasgow 41:45.0
6. Laurie McFarlane City of Glasgow 41:46.2
7. Susan Black City of Glasgow 42:42.1
8. Shawn Kidie Dundee Arnhall 3:46.6
Eilidh Scott Fauldhouse Penguins DNF
  1. The race will be held over 3K.
  2. Each turning point will be clearly marked with a buoy which must be rounded in a clockwise direction.
  3. The briefing for the event will be held at 3.00pm at the London Regatta Centre, Royal Albert Dock, London
  4. Parking is available at the competition venue
  5. Starts for the Male and Female events may be separate or joint.
  6. Presentations will be held immediately following the completion of the event.
  7. The Promoter reserves the right to curtail or cancel the event in the case of adverse weather. Competitors who wish to check on the event should telephone 07733 328646 on the day of the event.